Sunday 18 December 2011

Lockerbie Air Disaster - Part One

The 21st December is a rather sad day in the history of the Scottish Border town of Lockerbie. Back in 1988 Pan Am Flight 103 exploded and crashed mid air over the Border Town.

It was an event that shook the world. My husband lived in a hamlet about 4 miles from Lockerbie and within walking distance of where the main fuselage rested, in the parish of Tundergarth, the tragic event also happened on his birthday.

Over the next few days I plan to share with you the various plaques and memorials that commemorate those who lost their lives. The information is devised into the following-
  1. A Series of plaques at the Church in Tundergarth Parish, Lockerbie
  2. A Memorial at the location where some locals were killed  - Sherwood Cresent, Lockerbie
  3. The Memorial at Dryfesdale Cemetery, Lockerbie
  4. Plaques at Dryfesdale Cemetery, Lockerbie
  5. Tree Plaques at Dryfesdale Cemetery, Lockerbie
  6. Headstones within Dryfesdale Cemetery, Lockerbie
The main Cemetery at Lockerbie is called Dryfesdale. At the very top a Memorial Garden was created to host the main memorial as seen in the picture below. On the wall, either side of the main memorial is a series of plaques in memory of some of those who died, mainly those who were on the plane. There are also a series of tree plaques within the memorial garden. As you head back into the main area of the Cemetery is a headstone to a local family.

The Memorial Garden is a lovely spot. The area is well tendered by the local council and a place of solitude where locals and the families of those who perished in the disaster can come and show their respects. Whilst many of those named were strangers to the local community, they are all united in a truly tragic event.
Dryfesdale Cemetery and Memorial Garden
Photograph taken April 2006

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