Saturday, 29 October 2011

Littleham Churchyard, Exmouth, Devon

The following is an article from the Express & Echo (Exeter) newspaper. Published 27th Oct - 2nd Nov 2011. 

The article relates to grave plots that have been reserved at Littleham Churchyard. There are currently 70 reservations, but the church & cemetery officials do not have any records relating to 50 of them. 

If you have a reservation at the church, please get in touch with the Church by 18th November 2011, otherwise the reserved plot will revert back to general use.

Published Express & Echo 27th Oct - 2nd Nov 2011 - Littleham Churchyard

Friday, 28 October 2011

Memorial - Maritime Museum Jersey - Part Two

Just as you walk through the doors to the Museum, there are a further two plaques.

Memorial - Maritime Museum Jersey - Part One

Outside the Maritime Museum stands a rather impressive memorial. The memorial is to those islanders who removed from the island and sent to concentration camps and prisons during the Second World War. Not all returned.

The following are pictures of the marble stones which bears the carvings of  the 20 individuals who did return. Whilst the memorial is expressive, the stones are dreadful to photograph!

This Memorial
Is Dedicated
To the Twenty
People Who
Never Returned

"Lest we Forget"
Canon Clifford Cohn
John Dauny
Arthur Dimmery
George Fox
Louisa Gould nee Le Druillenic
Maurice Gould
James Houillebec
Frank Le Villio
William Marsh
John Whitley Nicole
Advocate Leonce L'Hermitte Ogier
Frederick Page
Clarence Claude Painter
Peter Edward Painter
Emile John Paisnel
Clifford Queree
Marcel Rossi, Jnr
June Sinclair
Joseph Tierney

This plaque is affixed to the side panel and is clearly shown in the first picture.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Interesting Marker - Rozel Bay Jersey - 10th October 2011

Having arrived at Rozel Bay at lunchtime we enjoyed a sandwich and coffee and a tea shop. As we walked back in the direction of the car I spotted a marker situated outside the pathway to one of the houses. I snapped a quick picture planning to ponder on the purpose of such a marker.

A little later on in the week we visited a Jersey Heritage site and there I saw an explanation for similar markers.

Typically, These markers shows the owner of the property and the date and the details of all those who had rights of passage. What I find interesting about this marker is the word of conn..ble (4th row down). I believe the word actually says constable and is this in keeping with other odd markers spotted on the island. Very often there would simply be a stone with the engraved name of an individual, a date and the word constable.

I therefore think that this marker is in reference to the parish constable and those officials who had right of access to the parish or the parish building. The date is clearly shown as 1838.

As I have a curious nature I may well investigate further!

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Seat Plaque at Rozel Bay Jersey - Roger Pryke

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Killerton House, Devon - Part Two - Plaques in the the Chapel

More photos of the Chapel and our visit to Killerton House are HERE

Killerton House, Devon - Part One

You can read about our visit to Killerton House HERE. The house and estate are owned by the National Trust.

As we walked along to the chapel which sits on the edge of the estate we could see these these statues of Urns, marking the pathway.

What a wonderful way to remember the work and contribution of a loyal employee. Arthur Godfrey worked at Killerton for just under 40 years; what an achievement.