Thursday, 21 July 2011

Memorial Plaque - Albert Dock, St Helier, Jersey

Fixed to a wall at Albert Docks, St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
it reads:

"On the evening of 28th June 1940
Heinkel aircraft of the German Air Force
Attacked the St Helier harbour
in an attempt to test
the defence of the Island

This plaque was unveiled
on 28th June 1990
in Memory of
Mr John Philip Mauger
Mr Harold Frederick Hobbs
Mr Robert Bunting Fallis
Mr Godfrey William Adolp Coleman
Mr Leslie Charles Henry Bryan
Mr Edward Henry Ferrand
Mr William Charles Moody
Mr Arthur William Parr
Who lost their lives as a result of this raid"


  1. nice post! It’s something I have never thought about, really, but it makes a whole lot of sense. Thanks for sharing information related to Memorial Plaque

  2. It feels great to remember the ones who lost their lives while serving the nation, i truly appreciate the efforts of those people who are behind the unveiling of this plaque.