Wednesday, 1 June 2011

St Mary's Church Foulness Island, Essex

I was alerted to the following for sale information.

Here are the details from the website (I have copied the data below for the benefit of preservation!)

"Foulness Church is situated centrally on the on Foulness island and surrounded entirely by open views to the horizon. The land however is controlled by the MOD and has a population of about 160. It is a drive of a few miles from the gate, across MOD land to the Church. The Church has been closed for some years and is now in need of considerable remedial repairs to re-instate it to a usable condition. Any repairs will need to be prior approved by the listed buildings authority. 

You should also be aware of the following which we understand to be the situation regarding access and utilities:

• The public rights of access to the island are subject to tides and the range byelaws. When the tide is out and the flags are down, there is vehicular access along a byway from Wakering Stairs to Foulness Island along The Broomway (tidal) and then across the island. The MOD have said that long-term arrangements to use the private road can be agreed.

• Access to water supply will need to be addressed with the supplier and contracts agreed as presently this is not operational.

• The access to an electrical supply has been suspended and the cost of reinstating the supply is not known. The supply is off a private network managed by the MOD.

• We do not believe there is an existing connection to the main sewer.
If a connection is made, the MOD will need to be made aware of the plan first as there are vital services in the area."

The selling price is £9,000 and is a bargain for someone with the finances to put the Church into a liveable condition and the will to plough their way through the red tape!

Disclaimer - I am not connected with the current owner or the selling agent.
Abbreviation - MOD is Military of Defence.

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