Monday, 7 January 2013

St James Church, Teignmouth

Last week we walked our Border Terrier a slightly different route, which involved going past the church. There was a rather small and dingy note advising no dogs, but we decided to chance it and remain on the foot path, with Alf on a short lead to get to the other entrance. Alfie, was a good boy and was simply relieved to have a bit more freedom once we had exited the church grounds.

As we walked through I noticed that there were very few grave stones. There were some random tomb style graves and the rest of the headstones were again two of the back walls, two headstones deep.

I really wish the church hadn't done that, at some point in the past. A quick look and most of the stones are illegible, but I might go back through the summer and see what details I can extract. In the meantime, here are some general views.


  1. I see according to Geneabloggers, today is your 2nd year anniversary since you've been blogging. Happy Blogiversary.

    Regards, Jim
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  2. Happy second blogiversary!